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Saturday, January 13, 2018

#111--Louis Eitelbach--I Think I Will Have a Beer

The 52 Ancestors challenge for this week is a favorite picture.  Now those of you who know me know that I love old pictures and that I have a lot of them.   In fact, I have blogged about several of them before and this is one of my favorites.  So my problem for this challenge was to pick just one picture. 

I went through a box of pictures that I inherited from my grandfather.  This picture of my great grandfather, Louis Eitelbach, was the one that I finally selected.  What a fun picture.  There he is, all dressed up and sitting on a keg of beer! I love that he wearing a bow tie, pocket watch with chain, and what looks like a flower in his label.

I have no idea where or why the picture was taken.  I do know, however, that there was a large number of Germans living in Brooklyn, where Louis and his family lived and that they had a variety of clubs and activities.  I assume that this picture was taken at one of them. For more information about Louis, see my previous blog post:    The Picture on My Wall.

If I could talk to Louis, I would want to know where the picture was taken and what was happening.  


  1. Interesting picture. His left leg doesn't look natural. It is at an odd angle and there isn't as much distance between his fist and the top of the barrel as there seems to be with the other leg. Was he an amputee?

    1. No, he was not an amputee. I suspect it has to do with the angle he is sitting and I imagine the top of that barrel is not too comfortable.