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Friday, January 26, 2018

#113--Sunday Dinner at Nana's

This week’s Challenge theme is dinner.  So many ways to go with this.  I considered blogging about a person I would like to invite to diner-- that would give me a chance to ask a lot of questions and fill in some blank spots.  However, since the person would not be there, I would get no answers.  Then, I thought about Sunday dinners.  Dinner on Sunday with your family seems to be a tradition that no longer exists.  But it did when I was growing up, so I decided to write about Sunday dinners.

When I was a child, every Sunday we had dinner with my grandmother, Regina Eitelbach.  Nana lived about 30 minutes away so we drove and spent the day.  I did not realize it at the time, but she was an outstanding cook.  Anything Nana made was always delicious. She always made a full meal and served it on her best china.  I remember my father carving the meat, the bowls of vegetables and potatoes on the table.  However, what I remember best is dessert.    Nana’s deserts were the highlight of the meal--apple pie, lemon meringue pie, chocolate layer cake with chocolate frosting, shadow layer cake, and yellow cake with coconut frosting.  At Christmas, Nana made butter cookies with a cookie press, rolled and frosted cookies as well as German leubkeuken. 

Sometimes when I visited, Nana and I would bake, usually cupcakes.  I loved to frost those cupcakes in all kinds of colored frosting.  The blues ones were my favorites, and I thought tasted the best. I have some of her recipes, but I have not been too successful in making them.  While I know that butter the size of an egg is a quarter of a cup, 2 cups of flour and enough more so it feels right is beyond me.  I have no idea what it should feel like.  Unfortunately Nana died before I was really old enough for her to teach me how to bake. 

I would love to talk to Nana again.  I would ask her how she learned to cook and bake, and what some of her favorite recipes were.  I think I also would ask for a lesson on baking.

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