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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#75--Nathan Aldis--Oops I Lost You

This week’s blog theme is “oops.”  I have had lots of oopses while doing genealogy.  I have researched the wrong person, attached the wrong person as a spouse, and had multiple people, who turned out to be one person.   I have also misplaced paper docuemnts, only to discover them later. Several years ago, I decided that I would write some brief sketches about my emigrant ancestors.
I did do all of my Richards grandfathers.  Then, I began to branch out and do some of the collateral lines.  I guess something else came along that occupied my time and by the time I got back to genealogy, I had forgotten I written them.  Imagine my surprise when looking for something else to find them neatly written on a yellow pad.  So that is my oops for this week’s blog.  One of my bio was of Nathan Aldis, so for this week I am sharing his oops bio with you.

Nathaniel Aldis is my 8th great grandfather.  He was born in Fressingfield, Suffolk County, England about 1596 to Francis Aldous and Sarah (Mary) Gooch.  In 1638, he immigrate to the colonies and settled in Dedham with his wife, Mary and his children:  Lydia, Mary, Ann and John. He signed the Dedham Covenant and became a member of the church on February 11, 1640 and a freeman on May 13, of the same year.

Nathaniel Aldis was a selectman for two years (1641 and 1642). He was one of the first deacons of the Dedham Church.  He served as a member of the meeting house and pastor’s salary committees.  In 1642 he bought one sixth interest in the watermill in Dedham.  Seven years later, he sold that interest to Nathaniel Whiting.  He was the appraiser of several estates.  .  Nathaiel died on Mary 15, 1676.  His son, John, and his wife, Mary, were the executors of this estate of was valued at 223 pounds.  His wife, Mary died on January 1, 1677.

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