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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#62--Heirlooms--Things that I Value from the Past

Father's Lacross Stick
This week’s theme is about heirlooms, something valuable that has been handed down in your family.  I have a number of heirlooms that have been past down to me from my parents and grandparents.  Some of them have only sentimental value like my father’s lacrosse stick that he used when he was All-American in that sport or two very large boxes of postcards that chronicle all the places that my family has visited or my grandmother’s Louisa May Alcott books.  I read all those books when I was a child and Little Women was my favorite.

Grandmother's Books

Others may have more value.  One of my heirlooms that may have some value is my bedroom set—a double bed, a chest and a dresser.  The set originally was bought by my grandparents when they were first married.  In fact, both my father and my aunt were born in that bed.  My grandmother gave it to my father, when she moved out of her house, and when he died I inherited it.
Here are some pictures of the set:

I wish I knew more about this bedroom furniture.  I would love to know 1) Where it was bought, 2) How much it cost and 3) Who picked it out.

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