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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

#61--Ella Huelster--A Very Fancy Wedding

The theme for this week is weddings.  Previously, I have written about several weddings:  #20—“Romance in Real Life—Jennie Sophia Willey and John Wesley Hannah” and #17—“Gertrude Richards—Saying I do.”   So this time I thought I would just use one of my favorite wedding photos. I love the floppy hats that the bridesmaids are wearing, the fancy veil on the bride and the formal attire that the men have on.

Just so who are these people?  It is a picture of the wedding of Elisabet Katarina Maria "Ella" Huelster and Charles Wood Mitchell on June 19, 1919.    My mother, Ella’s cousin, was the flower girl. She is in the second row on the far right.  I do not know who the other people are.  I searched the newspapers for the area in the hope of finding an article on the wedding and all I was able to find was their application for a marriage license.

I wish I had asked my mother about this picture.  I would like to know who the other people were, where the wedding was held, what the wedding reception was like, and anything else she could remember

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