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Saturday, February 10, 2018

#115--What is Your Favorite Name?

The challenge for this week is about names, particularly a name of one of your ancestors that you like a lot.  I really had not thought much about that.   So  I decided that my favorite name would have to be one that I would name a daughter.

Jennie Sophia Willey Hannah
Most of the names in my tree are pretty common ones—Mary, Alice, Elizabeth, Helen, etc.  In fact when some of my family are together, if you call Mary or Alice, several people will reply.  Then, there are a few names that really stand out as unusual—Dulcina, Sentrilla, Albertine, and Indiaanna.  I am a pretty conventional person so those unusual names were out.  However, I did want one that was a little different.

After some thought, I decided on the name of my great grandmother—Jennie Sophia Willey.  I think it is a pretty name and just a little unusual.   Jennie Sophia was born in Illinois in 1847 to Samuel G. and Rebecca Ann (Witcher) Willie.  After the Civil War, she went to Butler, Missouri to visit her brother.   She and John Wesley Hannah met, married, and had 5 children.  My blog entry  Romance in Real Life tell the story of their engagement and marriage.  It is a great tale.

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  1. Fun to read so many interesting names but that is not really what brought the biggest smile reading your page. My maiden name was Greenfield. As I read your About Me I really had to grin. I remember my first visit to Greenfield Village at about age 8. I was sure it had been named after my Romanian born father. So, thanks for the smile.