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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#21—Ebenezer Richards—A Family Changing with the Times

Ebenezer Richards, my great, great grandfather, was born on July 27, 1799, in Dedham, Massachusetts  to Abiathar and Elizabeth Richards.  On September 19, 1822 he married Catherine Newell, daughter of Reuben and Abigail (Smith) Newell.  Ebenezer and Catherine had six children:  Nancy, born February 23, 1824; Charles born August 10, 1827; Abner, born August 3, 1830, Abiathar, born October 25, 1837, Rueul, born March 18, 1840, and George Fisher, born September 7, 1842. 

Unlike many of my grandfathers, I have not found much information about Ebenezer.   Both the 1850 and 1860 census give his occupation as a farmer as does his death record.  I have not been able to find him or his wife in the 1870 census.  However, the 1880 census lists his occupation as a cabinet maker.  One of the most interesting things about him and his family is that several of his children relocated from Dedham.  Abner and Abiathar moved to New York City, Charles went to Chicago, Abigail married August Spaulding and moved to Ashford, Connecticut, while her brother Rueul went to Tolland, Connecticut.  Nancy married Jesse Morse and remained in Dedham as did her brother George Fisher.  That movement fits well with the changing of Dedham from a farming community to one focused more on industry.

Ebenezer died on October 2, 1882.  His wife, Catherine died on February 1872.  They are buried in the Village Cemetery in Dedham.

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