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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

#183--Namesakes--Two Abiathar Richards

It is not unusual to find that son is named after his father. In my family tree I have two Abiathar Richards. They are my fourth and third great grandfathers.  Abiathar Richards Sr. was born in Dedham Massachusetts in 1730.  His parents were John and Abigail (Avery) Richards.  Abiathar married his cousin Elizabeth Richards on May 21, 1753.  Abiathar Richards, Jr., his oldest son, was born on April 7, 1754, in Dedham, Massachusetts. Abiathar Richards, Jr. married Elizabeth Smith on April 12, 1782.

As I looked at these two individuals, I was struck by how similar they were. Both lived in Dedham their entire lives.   Both married women named Elizabeth.  Both had large families.  Abiathar Sr. had 9 children while his son had 12.  Both were farmers in Dedham

Both served in the Revolutionary War.  Abiathar Richards, Sr. participated several times. First, he was part of Captain Joseph Lewis 1st Dedham Company and for four day guarded the cannons on Dorchester Heights. Abiathar Richard’s second service was closer to home, in the neighboring town of Roxbury.    In colonial times, Boston was located on a peninsula with the only land route into Boston, going through Roxbury.  To protect the city, troops were stationed in Roxbury.  For 15 days beginning on March 23, 1778 Abiathar Richards served in Captain Abel Richards’s company at Roxbury and Boston.

Abiathar’s last enlistment was on July 21, 1780.  At that time he became part of Captain Moses Bullard’s Company, Col. Ebenezer Thayer’s Regiment, which was stationed at Rhode Island to reinforce the Continental Army.  His service there was 2 months and 24 days.

Abiathar Richards, Jr. also served, but his service was much shorter.  Abiathar Richards, Jr. was a Private in Captain Aaron Fuller’s Company, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775.  The company was from Dedham, Massachusetts and served for 2 day.

After their service was completed each returned to farming. In addition, Abiathar Richards also was in a partnership with Calvin Whiting and Reuben Newell, selling Indian and English pottery.

Abiathar Richards died on September 30, 1803, in Dedham, Massachusetts, when he was 73 years old. His son died on July 10, 1835.  Both are buried in the Village Cemetery.

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