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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#52 Eitelbach--Going for a Drive

Those who know me or who have read this blog know that I really like old photographs.  I have used them in this blog several times ( #19 Gertrude Richards--Who Are These People?;   #15 Memorial Day—Honoring Andrew McKee) .  I have them from my mother’s family as well as from my father’s.  So when it came to picking my favorite photo, I had a lot to pick from.  I am not sure I actually have a favorite, because I like them for various reasons, e.g. good story, great place, interesting people, etc.

I have always liked this picture of my grandfather, Walter Eitelbach, taking his family for a drive, probably a Sunday drive.  The date on the license plate is 1914.  That is my grandfather at the wheel with my grandmother, Regina, behind him.  Peeking out from the back seat is my mother.  I do not know who the other man and woman are, but my best guess is that is one of his brothers.  Since my grandfather had five brothers, I do not know which one it is.

If I could talk to my grandfather, I would have a lot of questions?  Where were they going?  Did they go for a lot of rides?  What kind of car is that?  How much did it cost?  How did he learn to drive?  Also who took the picture?

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