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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

#16—You Have More Mail—Linda Criado Richards

Linda Criado Richards

Several weeks ago I blogged about my Great Uncle Chester Richards (#13—Mail for You—Chester Richards) and the post cards he sent to his family.  However, Chester’s wife, Linda, also sent cards.  Naturally, those cards were kept and are the basis of this post.

I believe that these post cards are from the same trip as at least one card is from the same location, Egypt.  The bottom of the card reads “Hotel Mana House at pyramids.”    With a quick online search, I found that the hotel still exists.  According to its website, it is located on 40 acres of gardens and in view of the Great Pyramid.


On the card, Linda wrote:
Cairo—April 4th
We leave here tomorrow morning for Austria.  Stops on way in Athens and (place unclear) .
Best love,

Here is the next one.

Then she wrote:

 April 28  Lucerne
Chester and I both well.  In such a hurry to catch a boat and then a train as we will be going up Mt Riga,
 Love to all,

I love to travel so I would have these questions for Linda.  What was your favorite place?  How long were you gone on this trip?

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