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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#14 Mail for You--Chester Ingersoll Richards

I come from a sentimental family—we keep lots of things.  Postcards are one item that we keep, both those bought to remember a trip and those received from friends and relatives. When I cleaned out my parents’ home, I found a box of postcards, most dated from the 1900’s to 1930’s.  So I added them to those my parents and I had,  and there was quite a collection.  Some had messages on them, others did not.  One set of cards that I found particularly interesting was from my great uncle Chester Richards (1867--1940) . 

                In 1908 Uncle Chet and his wife went to Europe.  I have cards he sent to his brother, his sister and his aunt.  The first card is from Cairo, Egypt and is of the Shephard's Hotel.  

Much going on here all the time.  Leave Sunday for Constantinople. 
With love,   

The second one goes with the first as it is from Constantinople.

 Arrived here today.  Was on the water 4 days from Alexandria.  Terrible ??? but the weather was fine.  Much love,

I am not sure where the following fits in the trip, but here is one from Rome:

Arrived here Monday afternoon.  Sunday morning I attended Mass at St. Peters, the largest cathedral in the world.  Rome is full of priests, seminarians, and nuns. 

I would love to more about this trip.  Where else did they go?  How long were they gone?  How did they get from place to place?

Where would you like to go?  Click on Comments and add your places.

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