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Sunday, August 7, 2016

#90--Gertrude Richards Would Like a Few More Autographs

Lots of folks liked the drawing and the couple of poems that were in last week’s blog about my grandmother’s autograph book.  So for this week, I thought I would post a couple of more pages from that book.

I believe that most of the young women who signed this book were her classmates at Packer Collegiate Institute.  When I read the curriculum for the school at that time, the catalog stated that there were classes in line drawing.  Evidently some girls were really good at that as witnessed by this two pictures that were drawn.

I liked the girl standing by the fence, but I think the fan with the instruction to “Keep Cool” was really quite clever.

Several of the little poems provided advice for life.

This last one confused me so I googled it and found that it is very similar to a quotation from Mark Twain.  

And of course, there is always one which is just amusing.

I would so love to know more about who these girls were and how they knew my grandmother.  Classmate?  Neighbor?

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